The 1st Kinosoo Scouting Organization could not operate without the help and support from its volunteers and the generosity of those in the Cold Lake Community. We would like to especially thank the following: 

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Royal Canadian Legion - No. 211 - Cold Lake

The Cold Lake Legion is the primary sponsor for the 1st Kinosoo Scouting Group and provides the troop with meeting space and financial support throughout the scouting year.

The Royal Canadian Legion as it exists today is the result of 80 years of evolution and progress. It is the direct result of Canada going to war. Even before the end of World War I veterans were organizing into affinity groups, and more formal associations, to maintain the comradeship they had known in the trenches of Europe. Even more importantly they felt the need to assist and support the many disabled veterans, and the families of those killed. In 1917 the members of 147 veterans associations merged to form the Great War Veterans Association which became one of the major players in the formation of The Legion. By the mid 1920’s specialized groups like the Tubercular Veterans Association, Amputees Association and the Royal North West Mounted Police Veterans Association formed again and there were almost twenty organizations that had risen from the need of “Returned Men” to continue to serve.
The Royal Canadian Legion began as the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. It was an umbrella organization created at the founding convention in Regina, Saskatchewan in early 1926 after a unity conference in Winnipeg in November 1925. About a dozen of the veteran’s organizations that had been created by Canadian veterans of World War I voted to join this new national organization. It became the Canadian Legion 1958 and in 1960 Her Majesty; Queen Elizabeth, granted permission to rename the organization The Royal Canadian Legion.
Today The Royal Canadian Legion is Canada’s largest membership organization with over 360,000 members in more than 1600 branches across Canada, in the United States of America and in Europe.
The adoption of the new Veterans Charter has resulted in expanding the definition of a Canadian veteran beyond that of the traditional veterans and it is hoped that it will result in more interest in an organization that has not varied from its original mission to serve veterans and their families, to promote Remembrance and to act in the service of Canada and its communities

Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Energy provides the 1st Kinosoo Troop with an annual grant based upon the number of hours each employee spends with the group. This monetary support helps us to provide a quality program for our youths year after year.

Cenovus Energy is a company that strives to ensure the communities where we live and work are stronger and better off as a result of us being there. We want these communities to share in the benefits associated with our operations. One of the ways we can do this is through our community investment program, where we look to create shared value through our partnerships with community organizations.
Building better futures together is at the heart of our community investment strategy. We concentrate our efforts in three core areas: learning; safety and well-being; and sustainable communities. Our activities reflect what we stand for: being involved and making a positive difference. We support a wide range of organizations that are focused on the needs that matter most to the local community.
Cenovus is an Imagine Canada Caring company, which means we give one percent of our pre-tax profits to charitable or non-profit organizations.